Welcome to the Permanent Culture Project

The Permanent Culture Project is Developing and Building a Sustainable Future on our Planet for Eco-Solutions.



Our Mission & Vision:

"Our Mission and Vision is to change the World, to make Life more easy, to make it a Better Place and to positively assist Humanity to a Sustainable Transition for Social, Economic and Ecological Solutions." — Permanent Culture Project



Our Organisation & Foundation:

The Permanent Culture Project is a independent, autonomous, decentralized, non-registered, self-governing and non-profit organisation directed by the ideas and visions of The Founder. Our Organisation is based on the fundamental Natural Eco-Principles of Life that is the Core of Our Foundation.


Our Goals & Services:

We do Consulting and Eco-Design Solutions for Sustainable Landscape Design and Eco-Architecture. Our Business Project Goals and Services are cutting-edge Permaculture Eco-Techniques and Eco-Principles to create Worldwide Global Eco-Solutions to plant eco-diverse Organic Food-Forests (Agroforestry) in 9 different multi-layers for high efficiency and extreme high productivity for restoring Environments and Natural Landscapes for Reforestation to create Self-Sufficient and Self-Sustainable Eco-Systems with Eco-Architecture for Sustainable Landscape Design with thousands of different Wild Native Edible Plants & Tree Species and different varieties for Rich Biodiversity that're self-replicating that even exist after thousands of years that creates Harmonic, Symbiotic and Sentient Connections with Nature and the Natural Environment to create a Sustainable Vegan Habitat for Humans and Animals to Survive for Self-Productive Abundant Eco-Systems with Minimal Inputs and Maximum Outputs where every Element is in Harmony within the Natural Eco-System that creates Natural Capital. There exist more then 10.000 different economic plants species that have high economic value and huge potential for sustainable industrial purposes.


Our Interviews:

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Promoting Permaculture - Improving the Planet


When you Donate to the Permanent Culture Project then keep our world a more greener, durable, robust, resilient and saver place for future Sustainable Development and Eco-Solutions to save our world from our current destruction, ecocide and next generations yet to come! Our main goal is restoring Natural Environments to create the Biggest Food Forests on our Planet for Economical and Ecological Solutions to create Self-Sufficient Eco-Systems. We need investment funds to raise capital to build our Eco-Faculty and International Permaculture Educational Research Center to buy lots of hectares of wasted depleted farmland that is destroyed by today's destructive monoculture and the solution is we need transition from monoculture to perennial polyculture for Sustainable Agriculture, Eco-Architecture & Edible Landscaping for Organic Food Forestry to plant Big Food-Forests and Billions of Food-Trees with thousands of different plant-species for rich Biodiversity to create Abundant Self-Sufficient Eco-Systems.

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Contact Us:

The Founder: Mr. L. Schijff

E-Mail: info@permanentculture.org | OpenPGP

Telephone Number: +31683329104

Our Headquarters & Geographic Location: Amersfoort in Utrecht in the Heart of the Netherlands in Europe.


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